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Build-a-Pile Shipping Discount Shipping System!

Posted by Farzad Tajali on

Starting today, I will be offering my "Build-a-Pile" service. The process is a bit complicated so let me break it down. TL:DR - You can now combine several orders without paying extra shipping.

1. Place an order as you do normally, paying for the full shipping.
2. Send me a message on instagram @retroworldkorea. You can email if you don't have instagram, but I don't check that nearly as often. Tell me your name and order # and let me know that you wan't to start a pile. I will then send you a custom coupon code.
3. Continue to place orders, but use the custom coupon code you received from me when you checkout. This will remove the extra shipping fee.
4. When you are ready for your order to be shipped, please send me a message.

And that's it! There are a few additional rules that I will list below:

-This is a new system, so don't be surprised if there are a few hiccups at the start. There may be changes to the rules as I roll this out as well. Please keep an eye on the page for changes.
-If your order starts to get close to 1.5 kg in weight, I will message you about wrapping the order up.
-I can only hold stuff for up to two month from your first order. When two months have passed, I will message you about wrapping the order up. The discount code with also automatically stop working at this time.
-In the two situations above, if you don't respond within 48 hours, I will simply ship what you have and close the pile. So please make sure you stay on top of this.
-If there is a sale going on, but you have pile you are building, you have to just make the order as normal, since shopify does not allowed you to use two discounts at once. Just message me in that situation and I will shoot over the extra shipping refund so that you can still take advantage of the sale.
-The order minimum of $10 still stands, even when you are doing add on orders.
-NO REFUNDS. Once you place an order, it is set. I cannot refund your order if you change your mind.
-Please remember that this shop is a one man operation. Please cut me some slack if I do not respond to your messages immediately. Also be mindful of the time differences.
-Previous customers only. This service is only available to customers who have placed at least one order with me in the past. This is so I can know I can trust to keep the pile for you. I am willing to break this rule if you know a regular of the shop who can vouch for you.

Did anyone read all of that?