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Bootleg Korean Kinkeshi w/ Original Display Board

Retro World Korea

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 Production date is marked on the bottom of the board as 1987. But it looks like the display board was reused from a different toy. But that still gives you a ballpark time on when these were being sold. 

Comes with a total of 6 packs. Looks the 8 packs were originally displayed. Each pack has 4 bootleg kinkeshi. Some packs have a random mech dude in em though. That's a total of 24 pieces. 

The display board and baggies are VERY worn and damaged. You can see closely in all of the pictures I took. Nevertheless, this is an incredibly rare set. First time I am seeing these bootleg kinkeshi in these colors here. 

I can take additional pictures if you need. 

****Please closely inspect photos before making a purchase. Thanks!****