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Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai Battle Action Series / ダイの大冒険 バトルアクションシリーズ - Hyunckel / ヒュンケル (GLUE REPAIRED LEG)

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Korean release of Hyunckel from Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai. This is NOT a bootleg and an officially licensed product released by Sonokong Toys in Korea in 1991. This specific line was called the "Battle Action Series" in Japan. 

His left leg was broken, but I managed to glue it back together in a way where you can still pose it. You would never notice unless you took a close look, so he is still displayable. 

Comes with all of the accessories, but I think there must have been some sort of paperwork or other inserts that went into the giant square hole in the plastic shell. 

Box size is 23 x 16.5 X 5 inches.

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