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Godzilla Series - Destroyah - Bandai 1998 - 20210222 - BL37

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Year of Release: 1998

Manufacturer: Bandai

Size: 6 inches

Series: Godzilla

Character: Destroyah

****Please closely inspect photos before making a purchase. Thanks!****



The figures I got in this particular lot had a bit of a smell to them. I aired them out and cleaned them to the best of my ability, but there still might so some slight residual smell on em. Furthermore, some of the sofubi in this lot may have some imperfections and scuffs on them. Any damage I noticed was highlighted in the photos, but there is always I chance I missed something. 


If you plan on buying a ton of these, please let me know as it might set the box over the K-PACKET size & weight limit, in which case, you will need to select EMS.