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Harim Chicken Pokemon Sticker Card FULLSET (2022) - 20220630

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These stickers were included in big frozen bags of chicken nuggets and cheese corn dogs. Each bag came with one card. I was lucky enough to win a fullset of these.

Nearly impossible to find a fullset as you would need to buy a SHIT TON of nuggets and corn dogs to even have a chance. Also, the 4 legendary pokemon stickers were chase stickers and are a lot harder to find than the others. Although they never posted odds so I'm not sure exactly how rare they are. 

All the stickers have a holo / foil finish to them. Their thickness is closer to a sticker than a card. Each one is already in a sleeve protectors. They will be shipped with extreme care to ensure no bending or damage will occur during shipment. 

****Please closely inspect photos before making a purchase. Thanks!****