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Korean Bootleg (?) Centurions Orbital Interceptor w/ "Ace"

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Produced in May, 1989 and made in Korea. 

I put a question mark next to bootleg because this could have been considered an official release in Korea. I say this because it was released by a legit toy company, "Hyun Dae Tong Sang". A possible explanation is that the original Orbital Interceptor would have been too expensive to market and sell in Korea at the time, so this cheaper version was made. Just a wild theory. It's also totally possible that it's a complete bootleg.

The other reason I have my doubts is that the box uses the official Korean logo. When bootlegs use official logos here, there is always something slightly off about them. But I don't see anything like that on this one. 

Either way, this is a beautiful piece and I highly doubt you will ever see another one up for grabs again. 

The condition of the box isn't great, but I've seen WAY worse here. Pretty good condition for vintage Korean stuff. I tried my best to take enough photos so that you can see everything clearly.

The contents are unplayed with, but the foot of "Ace" has a black stain on it that it some how got from prolonged storage.

****Please closely inspect photos before making a purchase. Thanks!****