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Korean Dragon Ball Original Movie (BRAND NEW VHS & DVD COPIES INCLUDED)

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This is an INSANELY rare VHS of a Korean live action adaptation of Dragon Ball. It's shockingly good for how low budget it is. 

The condition of the tapes is average at best sadly. They both have tracking issues. The part 1 tape had some issues playing on my vcr to be honest and I even heard some weird sounds from the vcr twice while playing it. I checked the tape and it looked a little crunched up at those points where I heard the sound. 

Because of this, I decided to make my own VHS bootleg of the tape. I made the tape using a version of the movie I had on my computer with English subs. So keep the originals for your collection and the copy to watch! I will even include the DVD I used to make the tape copy. 

****Please closely inspect photos before making a purchase. Thanks!****