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Korean Super Sentai Toy - Invincible Mace (PLASTIC SHELL NOT INCLUDED)

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 This is an amazing piece that is in tragic condition. 

The Korean at the top translates to "Invincible Mace". Pretty sure the power ranges characters on the packaging are there just to sell the mace.

The top of the mace is made from a soft, hollow rubber. The handle is plastic. The handle and mace are attached by a metal chain.

No production date marked. Likely from early 90s. 

The plastic shell fell off the card some time after I added this. Decided to lower the price and it is now being sold as a loose item. The backing board can be shipping, but will have to be rolled up.

The cardboard is bent up anyway. The toy itself is in great shape though, as it was deadstock and never used. I would probably display the mace separately if it were mine to keep. 

The packaging is about 9.5 X 14.75 inches.

****Please closely inspect photos before making a purchase. Thanks!****