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The Three Kingdoms / Ling Dong SanGuo Toy Lot (2009) (ORIGINAL TOY LINE FROM CHINA) - 20210225

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This is lot of toys for a Chinese series from 2009 based on the 3 Kingdoms. These were blindboxed and I mostly pulled weapon sets and only 3 characters. The weapon display sets are amazing though and could probably be repurposed with some other figures in your collection. You are getting 12 opened boxes in this lot.

Each box came with: 
1x Character or Weapon/Display Set

1x Trading Card

1x Instruction / Info paper (for some reason, one box did not contain this.)

The weapons are all about 2-3 inches long. And the characters are about 2 inches tall.

I will be shipping these with all the parts separated, but the figures and weapon sets kept in their original plastic. All of the trading cards have been placed in individual protector sheets. Please note that some of the boxes are in better shape than others. But are almost all in good shape. 

****Please closely inspect photos before making a purchase. Thanks!****